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Grading Policy

Silver Springs issues grades and credits on a quarter system. The goal for all students is to earn 2.5 credits each quarter in every class. 
*Students can earn 5 credits in blocked courses or courses taken for 2 periods. (i.e. Building and Construction)  
Letter Grades = Indicate full credits based on Quality of Work and % of standards achieved.
Letter Grades with Caret (^) = Quality of Work and % of standards achieved earning less than full credit. Always use comment codes to communicate concerns. Caret ^ are only to be used at quarter grades, not the progress reports. 
2.5 credits
2.5 credits
2.5 credits 
2.5 credits 
A^, B^, C^, D^
0.25 - 2.25 credits 
0 credits 
No Pass
No Pass (NP): student has unacceptable academic performance. This replaces the traditional F grade. NP is to be used for students with chronic absenteeism. 
No Grade
No Grade (NG): An NG will be issued when a student is unable to earn credits due to limited time in class. Students enrolled less than one week in the class and not having an opportunity to earn credit. NG is not to be used for students with chronic absenteeism. 
Pass (P): Is ONLY used for courses that have been approved for this grading mark.
(Study Hall, Teachers Aide, Supported Studies, Work Experience)
*This is a policy change for Silver. 
Interim Progress Report is used to communicate progress towards earning full credit in the course. Students earning less than 60% will be issued a NP. No letter grades with caret used for IPR’s.