Silver Springs students will be:

Competent in Basic Academic Skills by completing the following:

  • Meeting district graduation requirements and earning a high school diploma

Successful Personal Managers who:

  • Take responsibility for their decisions and behaviors
  • Problem solve and adapt to changing situations
  • Establish immediate and long-term goals
  • Utilize available campus/community resources
  • Adopt a healthy/fit lifestyle

Effective Communicators who:

  • Speak and listen respectfully
  • Demonstrate the ability to write in a variety of styles
  • Utilize relevant and appropriate technology
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships

Tolerant & Compassionate Citizens who:

  • Comprehend diverse cultures
  • Demonstrate common courtesy and respect for others
  • Respect and care for their personal and global environment
  • Understand and participate in the democratic process
  • Engage in activities that benefit their community

Employable by:

  • Successfully completing and presenting their Senior Portfolio
  • Being punctual, reliable and prepare
  • Appropriately dressing and speaking for the work place
  • Taking and following directions
  • Collaboratively working with others