Silver Springs High School

Silver Springs High School

Welcome to Park Avenue and Silver Springs High School!

We accept students 10th through 12th grades, throughout the school year.  Our students come from a variety of circumstances and we accommodate most everyone.  You will meet with me to develop a personalized plan, with a variety of options.

  • Return to a "traditional high school"; Nevada Union, Bear River, or a school out of our district.
  • Graduation from Silver Springs, which includes the possibility of graduating early.
  • Preparation for taking the GED and testing within the 60 day window before 18th B-day, or transfer to Adult Ed at 18 to continue test preparation.

We have an atmosphere which encourages and supports school success.  Because we are a small school, the students generally feel very well connected, and feel enpowered to be successful.

Our teachers do not assign homework, but a student who is working in class is encouraged to do more assignments at home to catch up on credits, teachers are supportive of that effort.

We graduate students at 200 credits with all requirements met, which helps with the overall credit deficit with which most students come to us.

Student success is based on:
  • Attendance
  • Credit Recovery
  • Motivation

Students have every opportunity to succeed at Silver Springs! 
Sometimes emotional issues can get in the way of school success.  The more we understand what is going on with our students the more we can help them.  There are clubs, groups, special events, therapy, dentistry, assess to clinics, homeless services, all offered to assist with social, emotional and even physical needs.  Please let us know how we can best support your student and family to accomplish the ever important goal of graduation. 
For an appointment to meet and/or a phone consultation;
  • For enrollment
  • To check on progress toward graduation
  • For emotional concerns

Terry Brodie, Counselor
530.272.2635 X 322

To request a transcript, please fill out the request form.

  • Employment Assistance - click here for One Stop
    "One Stop" offers many services to our Silver Springs students. Check them out on-line or visit and ask for our school liason Nicola Murphy.

  • Financial Aid - click here for FAFSA
    Financial Aid for College or Tech School:
    • Nevada Union District Scholarships are done through our English 4 classes. They are due mid-January. The district level coordinator is Barbara Ross 530.273.3351 x224
    • File the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid. File between January 1st and March 2nd for the following Fall semester.
    • Remember to sign the Cal-Grant form w/counselor for California Grants. 
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